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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back at School!

So I've made it! I'm back at IWU for school. I'm so excited to be back.

Classes started today for me at 9:25. tomorrow they start at 7:50. funnnnn. I hate being awake that early, but I'll get through it.

The lovely Anne S gave me some free sock yarn last night. It's so pretty. Now I just need to find the time to knit. ha. I loooooove getting new yarn. I have put myself on a yarn diet for a while. I have enough stash to last me a while, so there is no real need to get new yarn. Unless it's to finish a project, I'm not going to be buying new yarn. But if it is given to me... haha not going to turn that down :P. And I love sock yarn. Seriously, they should just call it crack, it can be addicting. Now I just need to find time to knit, and find some new fun sock patterns to try. I could just knit up plain socks, or jaywalkers. But it is more fun to try something new.

If anything though, right now I need to finish the baby blanket that I'm making for my cousin's baby. The baby is due in less than a week! ha. I had to get more yarn for the blanket, and didn't get to do so till this past Saturday. So I'm a little behind schedule. But, it's OK, I knit fast (if I have time.) So it will get done, if not before the baby is born, then slightly after.

Well, I'm gonna get back to studying.


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