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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sock Knitting

Its true, I'm lazy at updating this.

Its also true that I've become addicted to sock knitting.

My reasons to knit socks

1. Its FAST! Its such a quick, and easy project. and the possibilities are endless! stripes, thin stripes, fat stripes, color work, cabled, lace. I have free creative reign. Weee!

2. Its cheep. Depending on the sock, you don't need that much yarn to knit a pair of socks. And sock yarn is generally not to badly priced. Right now I'm using this lovely microfiber yarn that I got for $3 a ball. Its so soft and makes a lovely pair of socks. Yarn for say the hoodies I made, cost me $30 a hoodie, and that was with cheep yarn.

3. Its on DPNs. And I'm also in love with knitting-in-the-round, because that means... guess what.... NO SEAMING! yay! can it get any better than that? (yes its true, I hate finishing.) DPNs have become my new love, its funny to think back on the time I was afraid of them. They aren't scary at all. they are fun :).

4. Hand-knitted socks are sooo much fun to wear, or give as gifts. They are so much nicer than store bought. Yes, I know I could go to the store and buy a pack of socks for so much cheaper than my yarn. But those aren't near as comfy and fun as handmade ones. those of you who have never worn hand-knitted socks are deprived. And I know I could start a war by saying this so... yeah.

I was warned of the dangers of socks before I started knitting them. I was told they are addicting. But for some reason I thought I could be stronger than that. But its true, I'm addicted. Socks are dangerously addicting to knit.

I'm working on a pair of pink and blue striped ones. 16 rounds of pink, 2 rounds of blue, 1 round of pink, 3 rounds a blue, repeat. Thats the color change pattern I've come up with. The issue I'm going to have now is I'm going to need to get more pink yarn if I'm going to want them to match. Or I could reverse the pattern for the other sock and just have semi-matching socks. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. hehe.

I finished and blocked the pair I made for April. I mailed them yesterday. I can't wait for her to get them.

I've found an ingenuous way of blocking them too. Metal hangers. Just take a metal hanger and bend it into the shape, and size of the sock you want. put the sock on the hanger, spritz, let hang to dry. :). easy.

In other Knitting news, my order from Kpixie arrived last week. I now own a pair of Needle lites. OMG these needles are sooooo cool!! I also got some plymouth tweed yarn in gray and pink and knitted the twiggy tweed purse from knitty.com. pictures coming soon when I finish sewing it all together.


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