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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sharp Pointy Objects Turn Me On ... :P

My fingers a just itching to cast-on. Its down to a matter of hours now.

I've rolled all the yarn into center pulls and they are all sitting on the coffee table just staring at be begging to be wrapped around the sharp pointy sticks.

I'm having a dilemma tho deciding on what project to cast on first. I think Tubey will be the first because its the one i'm itching to knit the most. But part of me says i should get the tote out of the way first cause I should be able to knock that one out in a day or so. But I'm dieing to start Tubey. So I don't know. and I know I'm not going to stick to one project at a time either. I can't. I've tired, and it drives me insane.

I still can't believe tomorrow is the starting day. I need to make a countdown ticker for the closing ceromonies. Or maybe i won't because that might put a bit more pressure on me. *thinks*

I've been working on the pinwheel baby blanket i started last night. almost 1/4 of the way done. Its a fast and easy pattern. So i like it. I've been listening to Twilight and Knitting the blanket. Its all i've done all day. I should take new pictures of it caue i've done a lot since last night.

I didn't sleep well last night. I had really weird dreams. Most of them where about someone trying to kill me. After the worst one I woke up around 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. then i feel asleep watching the dogs around 10 and slept for a few hours. I just didn't sleep well.

So i'm a bit tired. And I've had a nasty headache that i think is turning into a migraine for 3 days now. My head feels like its going to explode. I hope i don't feel this way tomorrow. its hard to knit when it hurts like heck to sit up. Meds are my friend i know, but i've already taken a lot of ibuprofen.

So yeah, I've done like nothing today. Layed on the sofa, knitting, cuddling with the dogs, and listening to Twilight. Good bood by the way. If you haven't read it yet i would recomend it. I'm about halfway done with it now. It is very well writen.

EEEEK!!! I can't wait for tomorrow.

Don't expect to many blogs durning the next 17 days. I'm going to be knitting like my life depends on it. ha.


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