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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So I have the day of work today and its... lovely. Absolutely lovely. Except dad took my book to work with him today so I can't set around and read like wanted to. I'm reading Saint by Ted Dekker. Its a good book. And Ted Dekker is one of my favorite authors. But dad took the book with him to work.

I got a new phone Friday. :). So I've knitted a case for it. I just needed something really fast. so I whipped up a phone case. nothing to hard. I just needed something to keep my screen from getting scratched.

I've been helping out with the knitting class at the library now for a while. Its so much fun for me. Our last project we did as a group was me made caps for cancer patients. that was so much fun to do. As a group we made almost 30 caps. :).

I think I want to get some red, white, and gray yarn and make a hoodie for school. I should do that soon

Yeah, I have nothing to say today.


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