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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ha! I'm soooo bad at keeping this thing up to date. So sorry about that. I'm not sure anyone reads this thing anyways.


So I've started a new job and life has been kinda busy. So I haven't had time to write much. Or knit much for that matter. I'm working at a small bookstore in town. its not a hard job. but its a dangerous job for me. Me? work at a bookstore? There are so many books I want to buy now. But I'll just read them when I'm bored at work :). Haha.... I should be glad I'm not working at a yarn store... I'd spend all my paycheck on the yarn.

I'm working on a baby blanket for my cousin Katie (who is due in October). Its a really easy progect. I need to start something a bit more challenging. I've just not had the time to get to the yarn store.

I hate that I don't have much time to knit lately. But it makes the time I do find to knit that much better. It feels so good to have yarn running through my fingers and needles in my hands. I love that feeling. The soothing "click-click" of the needles. The joy of finishing a project. *sigh* there is nothing better than a night by the fire, with a good chai latte, a good movie, and a knitting project. That's what i need right now. Life has been so stressful lately.

I just submitted my first pattern to knitty *crosses fingers*. I highly doubt it will be published... but hey... why not try. Its by far my best work. :). And it was a fun pattern to write.

I think I'm gonna get some yarn in Grey, red, and white and knit myself a hoodie for school. Those are IWU's colors. So I think I might do that before I start class in the fall :).

yeah... don't have a lot to say today.


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