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Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you ever just feel like typing? Not that you have anything meaningful to say, but there is just that feeling of your fingers hitting the keys in rhythmic motion that is kinda nice. yeah, that is how I am feeling at the moment.

I got my final grades back. I passed all of my classes. This is good news. I was really worried that I'd failed my Design 2 class, but I guess not. and I did better in it than I thought that I would. I got a B-. Not bad for a class I was convinced that I failed. :) This makes me relax a little. I did not want to have to repeat that class. Ever.

My bestie will be in town this weekend!! That makes me so happy. I've missed my Allie. Goodness, when was the last time I've seen her? WOG? No, didn't I see her over Christmas? Yeah, I think so. I've slept since then and can't remember. But anyways, I get to see Allie tonight!!

It has been storming a lot the last few days. I love it when it storms. When I was growing up, Dad, Josh, and I used to sit on the front porch of the house and watch storms together. We would talk about how the God we serve is so much more powerful than any storm we would watch. So I've never been afraid of storms, because I know the maker of the storm. I love to watch storms. I miss having a porch to watch them on.

There isn't a lot going on here with me. I've not done much the last few days. I had my ED team appointments Wednesday, those went ok. It is just exhausting to have all 3 of them in one day. Dr C (my psychologist) said she is going to refer me to the psychiatrist there. That will be good. It is easier to have all of those appointments in the same place anyways. But she wants someone monitoring my meds. Understandable. But that won't be for a while now, as they don't have any new patient openings for a while.

On to things yarn related… as that is supposed to be the focus of this blog. I've finished 10 buddies this week. So I need to get them ready to post and then get them in the mail. Setting up the mailings is one of my least favorite things. But I think I've worked out a system now that helps it seem to go faster. Thing is that I'm out of printer ink right now, so I can't print everything necessary for the packages. And I don't have the cash right now to get more ink. So that is slowing things down with the RBP.

As to knitting that is un-RPB related, I'm not doing much of it lately. I still need to finish Sharayah's sweater. I'll get around to it. It's getting to warm for a sweater anyways. I guess that would be reason to finish it before it gets cold again, right? Haha. Yeah, I probably should. All I have left is one sleeve. I've been sewing in the ends as I've worked. Maybe I'll try to get that finished before I go to Texas. That could be the goal. I still have a lot to knit over the summer, like a baby blanket.

I have started reading "The Heart Mender", my book from Booksneeze.com. It so far is really good. I'm only 3 chapters into it right now, so I am not really far enough to give you a real opinion yet, other than so far it is good.

Hmm. I wanted to go out on my bike again today, as I've been doing that a lot this week, but it is looking like it is going to rain soon. So I am going to get off of here and go ride my bike for a little while before it starts to rain. I've run out of things to say anyway (can't you tell as I've just been kinda rambling?)

Talk to you all later.



Anonymous said...

Could I post your Recovery Buddies on my Blog? Thanks, Alma

Bethany said...

Sure! That would be great :)

Steve Finnell said...

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